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Our goal:
Inform every American of the threat of progressivism to our Constitution and sovereignty.





Our Constitution was respected around the world during its first hundred years. In the late 1800's, following our Civil War, a new, radically different theory was imported from Europe that, over time, corrupted our education system, politicians and the press. It was called progressivism. The two world wars followed by the cold war occupied nearly the entire 20th century and, to a major degree, obscured these developments from our collective memory. To illustrate that fact, we documented the period from the beginning of WW II until the collapse of the Soviet Union and titled it Fifty years of (non-stop) drama.

We have established that institutions of higher learning throughout the United States, with few exceptions, are misleading their students regarding the entire story of progressivism. We are in the process of publicizing this accusation, and that could lead to a national debate. We also conducted a survey in the fall of 2015 to determine the extent of ignorance of progressivism, and found it is near universal. This is a report of the results.

We are grateful for scholars who have recorded these developments, primarily by writing books that are read by other scholars. Among them are our associate Dr. Will Morrisey, Dr. Ronald J. Pestritto whose book Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism contributed to the discussion below titled Presidential Politics, Dr. Robert P. George among others. A tremendous volume of knowledge about America, that is largely unknown to most of us, has been recorded and is known among these patriotic scholars.

Our mission is to inform everybody else. We will do it through a series of videos bearing the registered titleThe Hijacking of America®, and make them available to everyone.  If we do our job well, they will be more than informative.  The true story of America is unique, exciting and dramatic.  Capturing all of that will be our measure of success and effectiveness.

This is not a short-term project; it must continue as long as there is a need for it, no doubt well beyond the lifetime of those currently involved. Progressivism has been metastasizing for some 130 years, and it will not be swept aside overnight.

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A Message to Potential Donors

We are actively soliciting donations to cover the costs of writing and publicizing information about this organization, including our finding that institutions of higher learning are misleading their students regarding the entire story of progressivism. For the first time, we are offering modest incentives - a common practice of non-profits. See the Donate page for details.

Clicking the button above does not require you to made a donation; it just gives you that option. It provides a link to confirm our tax-exempt status, and explains that we use PayPal in part because it provides a receipt that can be used to support your tax deduction.

Why Can't We Compromise and Meet in the Middle?

Americans are concerned about the inability of our government to work together to get things done. The cold truth is that there are two competing governing philosophies that may agree on national defense (or not), but little else. The older of these is our US Constitution. The newer one is progressive doctrines. Read more, including a side-by-side comparison of several specific differences between our Constitution and progressivism.

The Convention and the Debate: 1787 - 1789

In 1787, elected representatives of the states met in Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation, and ended by writing a new constitution. They could have chosen to mimic one of the European governments. Instead, they created a new government with limited powers, acknowledging the natural rights of the people. Read more, including an overview of the Federalist vs Antifederalist debate.

The Source of Progressivism

Johann Kasper Bluntschli & The Theory of State

Johann Bluntschli was a Swiss jurist who published his theory in 1875. It was adopted by the German higher education community and named The German State Theory. The theory held that governments 'progress' over time. Germany continued to 'progress' to the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler. (Lest the reader be in doubt, the previous sentence is intended to be satirical.) A more through description is provided by Heritage Foundation; see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Read more, including how progressivism was imported into the United States and hijacked our Constitution.

Teaching the Constitution

Hillsdale College and Dr. Will Morrisey, a participant in this project.

Hillsdale College ( offers a 10-week online course titled Constitution 101. Having time on my hands, I took Constitution 101. Read more, including how the founder learned the source of the 'strange theories' referenced in the first paragraph above, leading to this project.

Presidential Politics

Commencing with Republican Theodore Roosevelt and Democrat Woodrow Wilson, a number of committed progressives have been elected President of the United States. Presidential candidates have also been known to use deception to conceal their philosophy. Read more, see examples, and listen to John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address.

Our Long-Term Program

What will we do with the documentaries?


Our Status

We are not yet adequately funded to proceed with production. Major donors typically research Guidestar, Charity Navigator or other nonprofit rating agencies to learn how organizations are spending their money. US Constitution Project, Inc., is new and will not be rated for some time, meaning potential donors will be inclined to send their money somewhere else. Our funding to date, which has been provided almost exclusively by founder Norris Goff, is detailed at the Capitalization link above. No person is receiving nor accruing compensation. This project urgently needs to be done, and nobody else is doing it. Please pitch in.

Thank you for participating in this ground-breaking project.

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